Saturday, October 29, 2011

This antique is obsolete

kw: antiques, observations

Here is a bit of an antique, still in use but not quite as it was intended, because it has become obsolete! I can't even buy a toothbrush with a handle small enough for the slots in this toothbrush holder. Nor can I dispose of it or change it without remodeling the bathroom because it is cemented to the wall.

I wonder if they even make a ceramic, wall-mounted toothbrush holder that a modern toothbrush will fit into. I am sure a tiler would be just tickled to put one in if it could be found.

But it occurs to me that there is a certain lack of sanitation when you hang a toothbrush in one of these. The bottom bristles spend nearly all their time in contact with the porcelain, and unless you keep it quite clean and dry, there is a little germ factory there. The way it is being used now is probably safer all around.

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