Thursday, October 20, 2011

Fumblemouth strikes again (almost literally)

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It's all over some of the news: Joe Biden stuck his finger in a reporter's chest and said, "Don't you screw with me." The reporter for Human Events had asked if he "regretted" the "rape" comment he made in a speech the prior day. At that time and since, good ol' Joe denied the comment, stood behind it, and managed to prevaricate, speaking out of at least three sides of his mouth. I didn't know he had it in him. He is definitely not known for clear speaking, but this is superlative!

About a quarter of news outlets are carrying the story. For the rest, it seems it never happened. Care to guess how the biases of these outlets pan out?

None of my Delaware friends is willing to talk about him any more. For decades, he has been considered a bit of a fumbling fool, but, as you might say, "He is our fool". It is no secret that he's also a bully, but he's been careful in the past to keep it out of the news. Well, it is still not in 3/4 of the news. At least a few remnants of a free press remain in this country.

Just by the way, the substance of what Joe was trying to get across in his speech was that the "jobs" in the "jobs bill" were not temporary. Just proves he hasn't read the bill. Every job explicitly promised by the bill is a one-year project with no follow-on promised. Pity the poor fool that believes anything Mr. Fumblemouth has to say.

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