Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Mormon - so what?

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Much was made for a time at last evening's Republican candidates' debate about Mitt Romney's Mormon religion. In 1960 much was made of Jack Kennedy's Catholic religion. I think either point is moot. President Kennedy wasn't much of a Catholic. So far as I can find out, Candidate Romney is a serious Mormon. But what does that have to do with running the national executive office?

Sure, Evangelical Christians don't accept Mormons as Christians. I've lived in Salt Lake City—admittedly, before the age of 15—and spent time there since. To my observation, Mormons are about as "good" and "faithful" to their faith as Christians of more traditional stripe. It is who you are and what you do, not the church building you are found in on weekends, that determines your usefulness to society and fitness for high office.

I wonder what foofaraw people will raise the first time an avowed Muslim runs for President…

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