Wednesday, October 26, 2011

One more Real Estate tool

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You really will need to click on the image to see what is there; this reduced view is too small.

This is a view of the new "Recent Sales" tool on Realtor.Com, which makes data available that you once needed to call a Realtor to obtain…if you had a forthcoming agent. This screen clip shows the first few listings, sorted low-high, for the nearby city of West Chester, PA. The top prices ranged up to $1.1 million.

The listings are filtered for 3+ Bedrooms, 3+ Bathrooms, and 2000+ Square Feet, Single Family homes only. I believe "Recent" means the past 12 months; there were 98 sales in that time that fit my criteria: Homes similar to ours.

As I approach retirement, my wife and I sometimes speculate on where we might like to live, assuming we get any great urge to move. Having lived in six states, we know places that have primarily ranch homes, a boon to older folks who are getting unsteady on the stairs. Ranch homes are rare in the Northeast, and this area is rather pricey. We have less of a need for "night life" than most, so we're not that interested in busy (and costly) city life. We like small-to-medium sized, rather quiet places.

This "recently sold" tool gives us an idea of the comps on our property, and on any neighborhood we might look at as a move target. Will we move? Hard to tell. There is a lot to like right here, and we are far enough from city center that it is almost as quiet as a rural area.

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