Thursday, March 08, 2012

Fleurs 2012

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Yellow and orange crocuses began blooming the first week of February around here, almost a month early. The first purple crocuses showed up a couple days ago, and some early flowering trees are putting out their first blooms: One kind of flowering cherry, and quince. My pink dogwood looks like its buds are ready to pop, and the white one will surely bloom right after that. Tulip and daffodil leaves are up, but no flowers yet. Curiously, I don't see much sign of Forsythia blooms yet, though I have seen them bloom in February once or twice.

The first time we visited this area seventeen years ago was also an early Spring. We came in late March, and all the flowering trees were in full bloom, a spectacle usually reserved for the second or third week of April. That first day my wife turned to me and said, "I could live here." Of course, the following January we were under almost three feet of snow, and wondering if we'd been so lucky to move here after all.

This makes me wonder what this Summer will be like, and the Winter to follow. The Farmer's Almanac (4 month predictions free to registered folks) is predicting a rather mild March-July 1 season, with only one 90°+ heat wave in June. Lots milder than the past Summer. I guess I rather like La Niña, compared to El Niño. It also means I'd better save up for the extra heating bills of the opposite season, due in 1½ years, and an extra-hot cooling season to follow. Meanwhile, I'll enjoy the flowering season while I can!

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