Monday, March 12, 2012

Some funny ditties

kw: wordplay, verse

I saw this when I was a grade schooler. To figure it out, you have to try to read it aloud, rather quickly:

Seville dar dago
Tousin busis inaro
Nojo demstrux
Sumit cosun sumit dux

Ponder this a while, if you haven't seen it. Translation provided below. Meanwhile, here is one I saw in college. With the exception of one rebus, it is also phonetic. I have to use an image of the whole thing, because there isn't a way to conveniently insert rebuses into text in this scripting tool.

This one may be easier to figure out than the other, at first. Once you get either one, you'll suddenly see the other. So, in case both stump you. . .


See, Willy! There they go,
Thousand buses in a row.
No, Joe. Them's trucks.
Some wit' cows and some wit' ducks.


'Em are spiders, 'em are.
'Em are no spiders! Oh, yes, 'ey are!
See the eyes? See the beady, beady eyes?
'Em are spiders, 'em are!

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