Thursday, February 10, 2011

All figured out, on hold

kw: taxes

I like to get my income tax figured out as soon as I can after the forms come in, because if I have a refund, I want it quick! This year, one of the mutual fund companies sent a letter with the 1099-DIV, which said that the form was being sent to comply with the federal time deadline, but that an amended form would be sent about Feb 14. If I want to avoid filing an amended return later on, I gotta wait. It's a good think my refund is rather modest this year. I hit the right number of exemptions on my W-4 just about right.

A caution to others whose refund may be small this year. Whatever the number of exemptions on your W-4 has been, reduce it by one for the coming year. Tax law changes could result in underpaying your withholding tax.

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