Saturday, October 23, 2010

Standing in

kw: local events, weddings

I had just one line: "On behalf of the family, I do." But then, I wasn't the star of the show, the bride was. In the version of the wedding ceremony I participated in today, the bride and groom don't say, "I do," they say, "I will," (in answer to "will you ... have and hold ... etc.?"). The bride's father is the one who says, "I do" when asked "Who gives this woman ... ?" or, in this case, the stand-in for the father.

A young couple obtained their wedding license and certificate in China just before moving to the US. But in China it is rare these days for anyone but the very rich to have much of a ceremony. The bride/wife really wanted a nice ceremony in a beautiful chapel, so a bunch of us arranged it. Today it came off, in a lovely Swedenborgian chapel in Wilmington, DE.

People came from several places, including the groom's Alma Mater in the Lehigh Valley. All together, there were some forty friends in attendance. There was a photographer and a videographer, so they'll have plenty of material to share with their relatives back in China.

I won't go into more detail here. Not only do I guard my own identity in this blog, I protect anyone who hasn't given me permission to name them or show their picture.

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