Tuesday, August 03, 2010

I didnt get to go

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My father invited the extended family on a cruise to Juneau and Skagway, Alaska. My wife and I had schedule conflicts and couldn't go, but our son went, along with several of his cousins and their parents. This is kind of like, "My son went to Alaska, and I got this ball cap"; he brought us a few small souvenirs. He also brought back nearly a thousand pictures. For the moment, I'll just share a couple that caught my eye as I was transferring the camera cards to the computer last night.

This totem pole assembly is from south of Juneau, and in the "doorway" you can just see on of the cousins. A couple of the stops were places that are famous for totem poles, and the number of genuine poles (not those made just for the tourists to view) is impressive. A postcard he brought me shows around a dozen totem poles.

The little orange thing next to the iceberg is a Zodiac raft with about a dozen people on it. The freight for taking that Zodiac ride was rather steep, so none of "our folks" went on it. But it really is true that glacier ice gets deep blue! They did get a closeup visit to the Mendenhall Glacier later on, and when I locate a picture of that I'll post more.

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