Monday, August 30, 2010

Another census mystery

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In this post from about three years ago, I reported on an ancestor of mine who appears twice in the in the 1840 census. This composite image shows portions of two pages from the 1920 census in which my grandmother's brother and his wife were recorded twice.

In the upper section, William F. Nye and his wife were with the wife's mother Mary A. Levy in Carrollton City, MO on 13 Jan 1920 when the census taker visited. In the lower section the same couple (the wife's name is Katherine) were with William's parents, John and Cynthia Nye in Malta Bend, MO, just a week earlier. The two towns are about sixteen miles apart.

I am not sure if they lived at either address, though I think it most likely that they lived with Mrs. Levy, a widow. It may be that there is still a record somewhere of their being visited by a census taker in their own home!

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