Monday, July 12, 2010

An outside-in panorama

kw: photographs, panoramas

This looks like a straight wall, but it is not. For some time I have wondered if it is possible to make a panoramic photo of the outside of a curved object, so when I saw this wall in a parking lot I gave it a try.

The wall curves 90°. I took three photos, the middle one looking inward at 45° and the right one at 90°. So I moved a distance much farther than the wall goes. The stitcher in Windows Live Photo Gallery did a fine job of making the wall look straight. This could also be applied to subjects like the bark of a tree; you could, with 8 photos, take a panorama that wraps right around the tree. The key is to be close enough to your subject that no background objects are photographed, as they have the potential to confuse the stitcher.

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