Saturday, March 20, 2010

Signs of Spring 4 - geese so high

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This image, which has been enhanced to a fair-thee-well, shows a skein of geese on their way to Canada as they flew over about noontime. This skein is clearly not local geese. They were flying well above the aircraft on approach to Philadelphia Airport, some thirty miles away.

My wife spotted them. We were out doing yard work, and I could hear them. I love hearing geese fly over (I like it less well when they spend any time on the lawn, filling it with their droppings).

This photo was with my smaller camera, zoomed out all the way at 3x. Then I cropped out just the geese, another about 3x effective zoom. They were way, way up there.

It was a lovely day for yard work, so we spent most of it outdoors. I pruned some big upright branches out of the apple tree, which didn't take long. What took the next two hours was cutting and bundling the debris. We also weeded and did some other trimming and general cleanup. When the mailman went by in the late afternoon, I was up the tree again, putting concrete into a hollow spot on a branch. I remarked to him that I seem to pick the nicest days for doing overly strenuous work. He just laughed. Happy Spring, everyone!

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