Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Signs of Spring 5 - Flowering bushes and trees

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Monday it rained, Tuesday I was out of it, and today I saw what I'd missed:

The Forsythia bushes have burst into bloom. Where over the weekend, I saw none in bloom, I was hard pressed to find any that weren't at least half filled with flowers.

While the flowering cherries are mostly still in bud, a few have also burst out, wherever one is in a warmer or sunnier spot.

I have two clumps of Andromeda. One is barely beginning to show white flower buds, while this one, in my sunniest spot, is fully in bloom.

I'm still waiting for the apple tree. The buds are getting big, but are mostly leaf buds. Some years it blooms first, but like last year, it shows signs this year of planning to go into leaf first.

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