Thursday, May 10, 2012

Thanks for what, I'd like to know

kw: book reviews, nonfiction, collections, humor, satire

I seldom watch NBC outside Olympics season, so I've never seen Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. He apparently has one night per week to read thank you notes sent him by others, and thank you notes he (and his writers) have written, in a more facetious vein. A few years of doing that, and you build up quite a collection. The logical next step is to sort them into book form.

This image shows one page of Fallon's book Thank You Notes. He and his writers share the credit. There are about 160 of these, and unless you spend a lot of time with the pictures, it takes less than an hour to read through. I managed to laugh about twice. The notes are often cute, but that's about it.

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