Friday, May 25, 2012

Pizza from another angle

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Following a custom initiated by a former supervisor, a number of us had lunch together on this day before a holiday weekend. We went into Greenville, Delaware to Pizza by Elizabeths. The restaurant was started by two women named Elizabeth, and features menu selections named after famous Elizabeths of stage, screen, and the world stage (the Queen, Arden, Montgomery, etc.).

Now, for background: My wife and I tend to choose among Arby's, McDonald's, Burger King, Wendy's, and Pizza Hut. When we want a more "sit down" place, we go to one of several excellent Chinese Buffet or Chinese-Sushi Buffet places that are scattered throughout southeastern Pennsylvania and northern Delaware. We are rather loath to spend more than $12-14 for dinner, let alone for lunch, so my $17 expenditure today is quite out of character.

It was worth it. I had the Queen, which is topped with mushroom sauce, chunks of chicken, Parmesan and chives. Most of my colleagues had delicious pizzas named for other Elizabeths, though a couple of spoil sports had salads, which they reported were excellent. My pizza was more than I could finish (a rarity!), and quite delicious. The Elizabeths and their cooks are quite creative pizza builders. They also have a "build your own" section, with a wealth of possible ingredients from the better known (pepperoni, if you must) to the adventuresome (apple and pear bits, or crab meat, and a good selection of herbs).

This venue has made creative pizzas their specialty. An excellent choice to kick off the long weekend.

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