Sunday, April 29, 2012

Mount Cuba 2012

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We spent a pleasant hour at the Mount Cuba Center in Hockessin, Delaware this afternoon. The Center is famous for preserving and studying the native vegetation of this region. Less well known than some of the DuPont family estates such as Longwood Gardens, it is the only one I know that has solely native plants on display (except in the Round Garden where there are tulips and delphiniums).

Today was special: because of the mild winter, the Trilliums are actually past their prime, the dogwoods as well, but the wild azaleas are just getting into full bloom (see below. I am still getting used to the new blogging software).
Lavender Trilliums with Bluets

It was also special because they had two people from a wild bird rehabilitation center (I didn't catch its name) bring in some raptors (hawks and a falcon), and this vulture, to show us. Each of the birds shown is injured in some way and could not live in the wild. The vulture is 20 years old and was raised as a pet, so it is much too trusting around people.
Closeup of wild Azalea
A pleasant day, with perfect weather for a long walk in the woods and gardens.

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