Thursday, April 19, 2012

Dog 4 dinner

kw: food

There was a brief flurry the other day, about a quote from President Obama's book that he had once eaten dog, and a few other "delicacies". Let's not be too critical here. He was in Indonesia at the time, a region where you can buy dog meat at the corner market.

I once had a Cuban housemate. One day when it was his turn to cook, he made a delicious stew. When we were done, he let us know it was dog meat. He had bought it in Los Angeles, not far from where we lived.

We need to understand, there is hardly anybody out there kidnapping Fido for the larder. People raise certain breeds of dog for food. It just happens to be rare in the United States…rare but not unknown. I mean, there are several people I have known who raised rabbits for food. If you have a rabbit for a pet, I can understand a bit of squeamishness about eating its cousin. But meat is meat, as long as it isn't "long pig" (an old euphemism for human meat).

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