Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The rhetoric heightens

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I was out a bit before Noon today, and listened to part of the Dom Giordano program on 1210AM. At a listener's suggestion, he issued his first "Obamanation", or perhaps "Obamination": Nancy Pelosi saying that Congress had to "vote on the [health care] bill to know what is in it." There is no doubt that her pronouncement is abominable. I am with Dom on this one.

I am not sure he will be able to sustain interest in the feature through the election cycle, as he has stated. I guess there are a lot of things he finds abominable. I usually don't hear his program, because if I am out, I listen to Glenn Beck on a Delaware station (1450AM). But today, Glenn was playing, bit by bit, the President's recent speech in Detroit, and pointing out all the lies. It got oppressive after a while.

The real campaign hasn't yet started, and I am tired already. I suppose that is what both parties are counting on: all the honest people to get too numb to care enough to vote. In my case, there is no chance of that! I haven't missed a national election since 1972, and I've voted in nearly every off-year election also.

I remember my grandfather misstating the names, "Democracky" and "Republicracky". I agree, they are all cracked!

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