Thursday, February 23, 2012

Burning their own book

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The news is full of reports about troubles in Afghanistan over a few copies of the Q'uran being burned. Two servicemen were killed earlier today in the violence.

Isn't it strange...the Muslim population of New York City is 2-3%, and there were more than fifty Muslims among the victims who died when the twin towers were destroyed in 2001. Is it reasonable to assume that most of them, or perhaps all, had a copy of the Q'uran either on their person or in their office? The collapse of the WTC destroyed them all. Nobody said a peep about that, or about the roughly 2,000 Holy Bibles that were destroyed in the same event…and of course there were a couple hundred Jews killed, and many of them would have had scriptures handy for their reference.

The Q'uran is worthy of respect, as are the Torah and the Bible. But to go into a killing rage over any such book being destroyed, well, doesn't it prove that the Muslims (at least in Afghanistan) are idolators?

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