Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A standing O at a debate?

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I like Juan Williams, but he was at his smarmy worst last evening, trying to trip up Newt Gingrich. To his leading question, whether the Speaker's suggestions about working might constitute an insult to the poor and the blacks, Gingrich simply said, "No, I don't." The next question was booed, and Newt's answer received a standing ovation. Williams was down for the count, rhetorically speaking, though he didn't seem to notice.

Give him time to figure it out; he'll get the point. As the author of Muzzled, he ought to know better. The public is tired of people dancing around troubling issues. They want straight talk, and that want was amply satisfied by the Speaker.

By the way, all the candidates did well, even very well, but if you are looking for a clear winner, go with the "applause meter" and award it to Newt.

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