Monday, January 02, 2012

Running a day behind

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This is January second, but it feels more like the real New Year's Day to me. I return to work tomorrow after just over a week off. Yesterday, being a Sunday, was a busy day. Of course, church activities take up half the day, until 1:00 or 2:00 PM. Our son was home for the weekend, and he and some of the other college kids decided to go skating. After they had left (they went right from the meeting place), on the way home, my wife suggested we go there also.

Neither one of us has skated in more than ten years. It soon became evident that our workouts at the YMCA hadn't kept us in "skating shape". My wife hugged the wall and its handrail for most of the hour we were there, though a couple of the college girls were nice enough to entice her further out on the ice a time or two. I skated slowly and a bit tentatively. The only time I bent over and tried to put on some speed, I soon felt quite unstable, and skidded myself back to a more sedate pace!

After the skating, the kids came over for a little while. We had some pumpkin pie left over. Then they left, our son returned to his college digs, and we wrapped things up and turned in early.

Today was a much more quiet day. I made breakfast quite late. We cooked up the rest of a ham we'd been using up slowly, had some of that in sandwiches for lunch, and froze the rest. I napped a while. Read a while. Now I'm blogging. We'll probably have leftovers for dinner in another hour or two. For now, I'm going to go watch the News.

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