Monday, September 05, 2011

A holiday walk and hurricane aftermath

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Today we went visiting in Delaware. We saw the Brandywine Zoo for the first time since we first moved to the south Philadelphia area in 1995. They have a new Siberian Tiger to replace a pair of tigers they had, which have since died. The tiger is young yet, and rather slender. I could not get my camera to focus beyond the screen wire, so I had to wait until the tiger came up to the screen to get a clear photo.

As you can see, it is a rather depressing zoo compared to ones with larger enclosures and less wire mesh. It is very small. We all saw everything in less than an hour, and we were taking our time. However, the price is right, $4 for seniors.

We spent about another hour walking along Brandywine Creek to the west. It was evident that there had been flooding from the hurricane a week ago. The debris band in the middle of the image below was about nine feet above the present water line. The boys in the picture were just a couple of youngsters who were fishing. There were about seven or eight people fishing along the stretch of river we walked. I hope nobody was taking the fish they'd caught home to eat. The B'wine is too polluted for that.

All together, it made for a nice break in midafternoon.

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