Monday, May 31, 2010

The hotelkeeper did it

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Three days at a fancy hotel that is so proud of their Ethernet-only internet service that they charge $9.95 per day, well, I just decided to bag it. They do have a small wi-fi hot spot in one of the bars, but charge even more for that. The hotel? Jacksonville Hyatt Waterfront. We were at a church conference, which I'll have more to say about once I get to my backlog.

We spent the prior two days in Atlanta at the downtown Days Inn, which had free wi-fi in all rooms, and the bed was more comfortable to boot. Plus, it had microwave and refrigerator in all rooms, while the Hyatt did not. So for double the price, the Hyatt does have a bit more space, but you're mainly paying for granite countertops and a somewhat better TV. (While we didn't actually pay double, because there was a conference special price, the rack rate for the Hyatt is twice that of the Days Inn).

Fortunately, we had a great time in both Atlanta and Jacksonville. I've already posted about our visit to the Georgia Aquarium, in the prior post on the 28th. For now, I'll say good night and get to the 6-day backlog of laundry!

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