Thursday, May 13, 2010

Flash! - See new Google Maps

kw: news, software

OK, you can't quite see the words "Georgia Aquarium" in this image, but you can in the full size clip you'll see by clicking. The "Earth" enhancement to Google Maps just came out today, in the past hour or two. It is Google Earth running inside Maps. You can get directions, then have the blue track shown in 3D, with 3D buildings in the cities. The green symbol is the end of a trip I plan to take in a few weeks, to see the new aquarium in Atlanta.

Google Maps has become indispensable to me in recent years. This adds the ability to preview in even more realistic ways. I can take a look at a hotel I might stay at, if it isn't already shown on Street View. As in this case, I can verify that the target shown is in the right place. Very cool!

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