Saturday, January 17, 2009

A living legend passes on

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[Scanned from a local newspaper]

Though I've heard about the Wyeths all my life, I hadn't seen any of their art "in person" until I visited the Brandywine River Museum just a few days ago. This morning, I find that the current patriarch of the dynasty has passed on. Seldom does an artist touch the soul of a nation's people the way Andrew Wyeth did.

Though the news article includes an image of his best-known painting, I've added a photo of it here, taken at MOMA. I'd like to have a high-quality scan or photo of this painting, without the error of lighting that MOMA inflicted on it; the artist had already highlighted Christina in painterly fashion; the focused lamp detracts from the view. Click on this image for a wallpaper-size version.

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