Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Russian spiders redux

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When I was setting up a new post yesterday I noticed that someone(s) in Russia is/are at it again:

The new activity began about 10:00 AM EDT on May 7. That would be 5:00 PM Moscow time or (more likely) 9:00 PM in Novosibirsk…and also 2:00 AM on May 8 in Kamchatka. Hmm. The time zone where it was midnight is VLAT, in Vladivostok. It is entirely possible that a timed trigger was set for 0000 hours somewhere near there.

Last I checked, Russia is still my primary "customer". I expect them to subside again in a day or two. Oh, well. As I've said before, this is an annoyance, because with the (now usual) American spider logging about 200 hits per day, scattered throughout my blog, and the occasional Russian activity that reaches several hundred per day, I don't have much idea how many genuine readers this blog has. Even though I write primarily for my own enjoyment, it is still nice to be noticed.

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