Saturday, May 28, 2016

A few hidden art works

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When you get behind the scenes at any museum you never know what you'll run across. I was delivering some empty egg cartons to the Education Department at the Delaware Museum of Natural History. They are used for craft projects. I purposely went by the section which houses several tarantulas and other large leggy critters, but they were all asleep or in hiding. I'll have to find out when feeding time is, when they'll be out and active.

Right around the corner this quilt was set up for display, but not in an area that the public usually sees. It is titled Lilypad Mural and the squares are about 9 inches (23 cm).

Later, among the mollusks, I decided to re-photograph some "shell art" that is stored on a low cabinet right in the middle of the mollusk research cabinet room. Of the two pointy balls, the larger one is made from 50,000 auger shells. Among the seven pieces of shell art there is also a carving of a pelican. From the shape and the semi-unfinished stump below, I can see that it was carved from a three-way branch junction.

I enjoy finding all the different ways people make art out of nearly everything!

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