Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Innocent fall fun

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Putting in a plug for a fun place I've been, Ramsey's Farm, just across the border in northernmost Delaware.
This image, which was taken just about a year ago, is from Google Earth. Last year the Ramseys had two corn mazes, a little one for warming up, and for younger kids, and the bigger one, a few acres' in extent, which doubles as an advertisement if you happen to find them in Google Earth or another aerial mapping site. This image is oriented with South up.

We went with a church group when our son was in high school, 8 years ago. We cooked campfire food, took a hay ride, and of course, made our way through the maze by flashlight after dark.

That year the maze was a map of the US. It was too detailed, making it easy to push through the corn and cheat your way through the maze. This one looks much better designed. There is enough corn between the paths that cheating is harder. It's never impossible, of course. If you jump up enough to see the bridge and get your bearings, you can just push through the corn in a straight line to get out.

This is just one of dozens of corn mazes to be found in southeastern PA and northern DE, and thousands around the country. Most of the farms also have campfires and hay rides and other family fun events. For a great fall weekend outing, go to a nearby orchard and pick apples, then make your way to one of these places.

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