Thursday, December 15, 2011

A first time for us

kw: movies

In more than thirty-five years of marriage, we never went to a movie. I'd pretty much given up on them several years before marrying, and my foreign-born wife had never been to an American film, and had no interest in it. Until tonight.

I was given a couple of movie passes, and after some discussion of regifting them, my wife and I decided to "have a date". We have just returned from seeing Hugo, not in 3D, just the "flat" version. I won't attempt to review the film. Better critics than I have reviewed it (If I did my Google search right, there are already more than four million reviews). Rather, just let me say we were transported. It was a fine choice for our first movie date.

We almost didn't see it. We went to a "Regal 16", and were the only ones in that auditorium throughout. Twice while we were there a guard walked through. But during the pre-film previews, my wife was seriously creeped out by being alone and wanted to leave. She was afraid nobody would know if we were mugged "or something". Well, we soon forgot ourselves in the story and had a good time.

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