Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thankful for a family that gets along

kw: holidays, family

We spent all day yesterday driving to my brother's house, where we'll have the holiday with them and another couple of relatives. Starting from a side trip in New Jersey, we got on I-80. Crossing Pennsylvania takes 309 miles, or about 6 hours, stops included.

We had a restful night in a hotel near my brother's house. The cousins (all young adults now) are having a good time together. Now, this morning we're all helping get dinner ready. My sister-in-law loves having help in the kitchen, and has a good kitchen for communal cooking. We're having great fun, talking and doing things together.

I hope the greatest number of people are having times together that they'll be thankful for. We're thankful not only for our past, but for memories we are making right now.

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