Sunday, August 21, 2011


kw: manners, courtesy

I am reading a book about manners (not a book of manners, but about the subject), one which I got at the library. Apparently, someone who previously checked the book out considered it useful as tissue paper upon getting a bloody nose. I have previously encountered library books that were full of dried snot, bread crumbs and sesame seeds, and other debris, but this is my first encounter with blood literally on the pages.

I hope the boor who did this happens across this blog. Dear hopeless fool: are you proud of yourself?

By the way, a bit of my secret is now out. Many of the books I review were borrowed from the local library. At 720 reviews and counting, where would I put the books if I bought each and every one? My shelves are already overflowing, and I've been taking books to the Friends of the Library book sale so I don't wind up stacking them on the floor.

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