Monday, July 04, 2011

Versatility Personified

kw: music, performers

Flash bulletin! We stayed in this 4th of July, so we have been watching "A Capitol Fourth" on PBS. A short while ago, Steve Martin and his band performed several bluegrass numbers, including one he wrote about Paul Revere's horse. I noticed in that tune that, rather than the three-finger picking he is famous for, he was frailing (AKA claw hammer style).

I know of very few banjo players who have mastered both three-finger picking and frailing. Frailing is the more difficult skill—I know, I've tried. Can't say I've totally mastered 3-finger either, but I have that down a whole lot better than claw hammer.

Hats off to Steve Martin! Sure, he has a day job as a comedian, but he's simply one of the best musicians out there, to boot.

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