Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Spider rating

kw: games, achievements

A few days ago, in this post, I noted that my win/loss ratio for the XP version of Spider Cell was 25.2%. The Windows 7 version may be just a tad easier, or I'm learning more tricks. This clip from the Games menu shows that I've played 939 games and won 30% of them. In precise terms, 282/939 = 0.30032, so it is just barely 30%. Ha! I'll take it!

By the way, this is for the Intermediate version, as the image shows. It is the only version I've played. I know one person who only plays the Advanced version, the one with all four suits. He says he wins a game from time to time, but well below 10%. On the other hand, I don't know anyone who plays the Beginner version the most. There is a certain level of frustration that each of us can bear, and we gravitate accordingly.

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