Saturday, March 19, 2011

Cat stand saga part 1

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It started when we began looking for a climbing post for our cat Dora. Being thrifty, we looked online and read some reviews. We found one that had a design we liked, at a price less than $60, but it had mixed reviews. It seems the post is heavy cardboard, and it is held together with plastic fittings. Some folks found it too flimsy. But they did mention that Wal-Mart and K-Mart had it for around $40.

Well, we looked at three different Wal-Marts and a K-Mart, and none of them had it. Maybe it is a poor seller. Then my wife suggested I build one. In my workshop, we found enough remnants of old 2x4's to make a (nearly) 4x4 post about five feet tall, so I promised to get some plywood pieces at the Lowe's and some other fittings, and make one. We agreed on a design. Guess what? This morning I wound up spending $55 for the wood and fittings and carpeting and adhesive, and another $40 for a jig saw to make the inside cuts needed for the design to work.

This is the stand, almost ready for adding the carpeting. One more piece needs to be glued and clamped. So far there's six hours of labor in it, just since I got home with the materials. I reckon I could not afford to do this for a living! (unless I could sell these for about $500)

After all this, I sure hope the cat likes it. Maybe if I put catnip into the carpet adhesive...

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