Thursday, January 27, 2011

Liniment time!

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We had six prior snowstorms since October, and in most cases, the forecast proved to be an overestimate. The worst was a four-inch fall (ten cm) that had started out as a prediction for eight to twelve inches (20-30 cm). The predictions made Tuesday were for rain with a little snow mixed in on Wednesday morning, followed by heavier snow Wednesday evening, in the four to eight inch range (10-20 cm).

I arose Wednesday morning (yesterday) to an inch of snow on the ground and more falling. I didn't bother to shovel, just went to work early before other cars were on the road, just before 6:00 AM. It snowed until noon. I went home at 2:30 PM and shoveled off four inches of snow in about an hour. We have more than a thousand square feet of pavement that needs shoveling, including a 220-foot sidewalk. My wife helped a little, but she fell a couple days ago and bruised a knee rather badly, so I asked her to take it easy. By dinner time I was sore, sore, sore. The wind was howling by 7:00 PM and snow was falling hard. I went to bed early after taking a gram of Ibuprofen.

This morning I could see there was a lot of snow. My wife at first said it looked like half a foot, but when I went out, it was clear we'd had over a foot, probably fourteen inches (36 cm). I had a large breakfast and began shoveling at 7:00 AM. At 8:30 I called work to tell them I'd take the day off. My wife helped a lot this time, but it was still after 11:00 AM when we finished. Snow is piled head high all down our driveway and at its end. I had another gram of Ibuprofen with lunch (my wife took a more normal dose of 200 mg). It is just wearing off as I write, so I'm going to take another gram and head for bed. Let's hope I recover quickly. There's another blizzard forecast for next week.

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