Saturday, November 13, 2010

This mouse got away

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This is a glue-type mouse trap, which ought to show close to full size on your monitor. All the white stuff is pieces of dead pillbugs that got into it as a mouse fought its way free of the trap last night. There is an impression of a tiny foot, or a couple of toes, down and to the left of the center cluster of bug parts, and some hair in the area more to the right.

Yesterday afternoon, prompted by scratching noises within the walls of the family room, we put this trap near the access window to the crawl space under the family room. The rest of the house has a basement.

Today, when we looked in, we didn't see that trap! After looking about, we could see it about twelve feet away, on the other side of the crawl space. I went in and retrieved it (hard hat and knee pads). I've never known a mouse to get away from one of these before.

Stay tuned: we went to the hardware store and got a rat-size trap. I put a dollop of peanut butter in the center and put it back near the spot this one was originally put. By the way, when I catch a critter, I don't let it starve to death. I put it in the freezer overnight, and throw it away in the morning.

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