Thursday, September 23, 2010

An upshot

kw: photographs, local events

I happened to walk under this water tower today during my constitutional. having my camera with me, I took four shots to make a wide-angle panorama. Although I was careful to stand still, it is clear from a few infelicities in both these images that I wasn't quite successful.

The first composite image was stitched using the Canon software that comes with all Canon cameras, and the second was using the tool in Windows Live Photo Gallery. Each one treated the process a little differently. The Canon software didn't smooth the sky brightness as well, and it has one glitch that the Windows Live software doesn't.

Also, the Canon software introduced a bit of barrel distortion, something the Windows Live software doesn't do, which means the latter image seems to cover a wider angle.

The images both look pretty good, but the glitches do emphasize that it is best to use a tripod when shooting for a panorama.

I like the different view, for it is rare to have the chance to be directly under a water tower.

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