Sunday, June 27, 2010

Go jump off a building for fun and profit

kw: opinion, entertainment

There are very few TV shows that I watch with any regularity. One I took a liking for in its first season was Wipeout on ABC. Its new season has just begun, and it is being followed by another "win a million" sort of show, titled Downfall.

I've only seen the trailers, which indicate that you start with a lot of cool stuff on a conveyor belt at the edge of a skyscraper, and you have to answer trivia questions. Wrong answer? Something is shot off the roof to crash below. Too many wrong answers? You are also shot off (wearing a harness so you can scream all you want, but don't hit bottom).

I decline to watch Downfall. The premise is terminally silly. Now, Wipeout I like!

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