Saturday, April 17, 2010

Cats rool

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HOW TO TAKE OVER TEH WURLD: A LOLCAT GUIDE 2 WINNING isn't really for reading. It is for guffawing over the cute cat pictures and the captions. The credited author is Professor Happycat.

The book is composed of entries from the LOLcats website, and is a followup to I CAN HAS CHEEZBURGER?. Some of the entries are easily readable, as this one. My own late cat would agree: correct spelling and grammar is easier to follow.

The website has many entries asking "Add a caption". One may submit photos, and submit captions, or both. There is also a section for LOLdogs, and one for other kinds of amusing animal pictures, sometimes dubbed LOL*.

Most captions have deliberately "simplified" spelling and grammar. A few can't be read at all until you read them aloud. The spelling seems to be a cross of "phone-text-ese" and "badly translated instruction manual". I have yet to figure out what NOM (or NOMS) might mean, but it seems to be a kind of food.

The book doesn't take long to get through, but of course, it is meant to be browsed repeatedly. Much fun.

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