Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Doing the right thing anyway

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I seldom comment on the political scene, but this time it is personal. I know from the inside the family dynamics that occur when a member has strayed and will have to live with the consequences. This is the case with the new Republican Vice-Presidential nominee, Sarah Palin and her pregnant daughter. It has been announced that the daughter will keep the baby and marry the baby's father, and that Senator McCain knew about the situation beforehand. I see this as a remarkably responsible response by Governor Palin and her family.

It is no surprise to me that the Democratic Party leadership is forging a scandal about this. Of course, it actually is a bit of a scandal, but a family one, not a political one. The real scoundrels here are those making hay out of this.

Let's just consider if a young pregnant woman whose surname happened to be Biden, Obama, or even Clinton, were "exposed" at this juncture. What would be the result? Based on the public pronouncements by the Democratic candidates and former candidates (and a former President), one of two possible scenarios would ensue:
  1. A behind-the-scenes "How dare you endanger this campaign" conversation, followed by a hushed-up abortion.
  2. Perhaps the same conversation, perhaps not, but then a very public "Our daughter will raise this baby herself," with the implied, self-congratulatory attitude that no man need be involved.
Both scenarios are fully in keeping with the social policies of the far Left, and both are deeply irresponsible. Say what you like about Conservative politics and social policies, Conservatives are strongly for taking responsibility for your own actions, including doing what you can to correct of ameliorate your mistakes.
  • Admitting the facts is responsible.
  • Declining to "correct the problem" via abortion is responsible.
  • Advising a young couple to enter into a very young and risky marriage is more responsible, compared to the tendency to forbid the young people to see one another. The baby is likely to do better with two natural parents than in most adoptive scenarios.
  • Pledging familial support and encouragement to the young couple is responsible.
However painful this may be for the two sets of parents involved, they are taking the right course. If anything, this incident strengthens my confidence that Gov. Palin is a very good choice for the "heartbeat away from the Presidency."

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