Monday, April 07, 2008

Who's watching the mint?

kw: opinion, oversight

This cartoon by RJ Matson appeared a couple days ago nationally, and today in my local paper. It neatly expresses the problem with long-term bureaucratic service: the powerful put their greatest efforts into escaping constraints and oversight of their doings. In my opinion, every government job above clerk level should have a term limit not to exceed two senatorial terms (12 years), and every word to come out of the word processors of the "high and mighty" should be immediately posted, blog style.

Am I spitting against the wind, here or what? HA!! As a stockholder in several major corporations, I see a proposal every single year, for every single firm, to limit CEO compensation, and almost every time, one to do simple, common-sense things like require the CEO and Board Chair to be different persons. Such measures never have a snowflake's hope of passing, do they? But I think the continual din of such complaints must have at least a tiny salutary effect. The powers-that-be really NEED gadflies to keep them from going to hell in a handbasket even faster.

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