Sunday, November 25, 2007

Willis at large, part 2

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I've had plenty of time to read this Thanksgiving weekend. Here are a few more story reviews from The Winds of Marble Arch and other stories by Connie Willis, from the sections "Personal Correspondence" and "Travel Guides" (two stories each):
  • A Letter from the Clearys – I've read this one before, a sad post-apocalyptic tale. I didn't understand it then, and don't now. Perhaps it is simple. The letter, found and re-found over and over again seems to embody denial.
  • Newsletter – Ms Willis excels in ambiguity. Does Nan save the world from invading mind-controlling aliens that hide under hats?
  • Fire Watch – One of her best-known, most powerful stories. Time travel makes history a real profession again...on the lines of learning sports writing by playing professional football or hockey.
  • Nonstop to Portales – An homage to Jack Williamson, still writing, teaching, and speaking in 1996 at age 88 when the story was written. He lived another ten years.

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