Saturday, October 06, 2007

Dewy Webs

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The fog and dew this morning limned the spider webs most beautifully. I managed to get out to take a few photos before the dew vanished. This side-on view of an orb web was taken at the angle of maximum reflection on the web. The depth of field is a bit narrow because the overcast skies made too little light to really boost the f/stop.

Click on any of these images to see one about half the size of the original 6mpx image.
Same web, face-on view. It was hard to focus on the spider. This is the best of several tries. I boosted the contrast a little on both this and the pic above.

I have heard of people collecting webs. They carefully spray them with white spray paint, then lift a piece of black paper against them. I suppose you could laminate the result to make it longer-lasting. All you are really preserving is the painted pattern, because the web material is water-absorbent and soon rots away.

The third photo is of a funnel web. Some bushes had dozens of these. This is a more isolated one that shows the structure better.

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