Thursday, May 17, 2007

NetNanny for cons?

kw: opinion, sex offenders, prisoners, civil rights

Take a look at this from CNET: Police Blotter: Imprisoned sex offenders demand PCs. Can you believe the arrogance of some people? Even worse, can you imagine the idiocy of anyone thinking that prisoners have anything remotely like such a "right"?

Prisons aren't meant to be luxury hotels. Inmates are separated from society, primarily to protect its citizens. They are also being punished, in some faint hope that they might undergo an attitude adjustment. Because of a more recent, to some extent enlightened, view of prisons as "correctional" facilities, inmates are supposed to be trained to do useful work. In reality, they train one another in "new and improved" criminality.

I say, let them have PCs (10-year-old Win95/98 recycles), with the strongest Net Nanny settings imaginable installed.

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