Saturday, March 10, 2007

Got a used star drive frammiswidget spacer handy?

kw: book reviews, science fiction, parodies, satire

One TV show I usually watch is "America's Funniest Videos". It is my laugh therapy (there's no other source of clean comedy on TV). I wondered once what it would be like to see several shows in a row. After watching a 2-hour special, I realized there is a limit to it; it just wasn't as funny by late in the second hour. I guess there are only so many ways for someone to get "minorly hurt", and great video shorts that don't involve accidents are rare.

I remembered this while reading plumage from pegasus by Paul Di Filippo. The author is a satirist and parodist, one of the best, and his target is Science Fiction. I found it is best to have another book I'm reading, while going through this one. It just doesn't do justice to the 43 pieces in the book to read one after another after another.

I don't look to parody or satire for new ideas. This was comic relief, and I enjoyed it as such.

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